7000 rpm IBM hard drive too slow!

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Martin Kernick
Joined: Sep 14 1999

Just in case you have similar problems. My system is a Gigabyte 5AX motherboard, AMD 400 processor running Windows 98. I also have a ricoh 6200S SCSI CDROM with Advansys 930 card. Diamond Supra express modem (internal) and soundblaster AWE64 (ISA) soundcard.

I recently added a Miro dc30 plus and 7200rpm IBM hard drive 10GB. To my horror when I tested the speed of the hard drive with the miro gubbins supplied. I found that I couldn't capture or playback fast enough. I changed every setting I could think of to no avail. I even bought a second hard drive to check if the first one was faulty! Both had the same problem. I finally tracked the problem down to the modem. If I removed the card then the drive speed shot up to 10 times the read and write speed!

I then replaced the modem in a different PCI slot and the problem did not return. Strange but true!