80ghz 7200rps slave drive to play and output video

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Paul J Ronalds
Joined: Nov 3 2003

I have a Pentium 3, 500mzh computer with a 20ghz 5200rps boot drive.

I would like to rig up an internal 80ghz 7200rps slave drive to the already existing internal 20ghz 5200rps hard drive,
so that I can capture and output video from the 80ghz 7200rps slave drive.

Would this set up allow the 80ghz 7200rps slave drive to play and output the video files at a resolution of 720 x 576 pixels?

Thanks in advance Paul.

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Welcome to the Forum.

There are many more around here much better experienced than me, but I am sure your existing computer will be up to the job of capturing video to your proposed new HDD.

To advise you properly, I feel sure contributors will need to know more about your system, e.g. what operating system?

Good luck.


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Tim's right - we need lots more info, including what hardware and software you're planning to use for capture, and what operating system you are running.

Bob C

Paul J Ronalds
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Thanks to both of you for replying.

I'm planning to use my Pentium 3, 500mhz pc which has:-
384 meg of ram
Geforce 256 graphics card which has 32 meg of ram
Sound blast live sound card
20ghz 5200rps (could be slower) hard drive

Once I have fitted the 80ghz 7200rps hard drive as an internal slave drive,
I will be using the 20ghz hard drive as a boot/software drive and then
record and save DV to my 80ghz 7200rps hard drive.

I have been looking at Pinnacle systems for video input/output cards but I don't
really know which one to get? I don't really want to spend more then £300 on
one but may stretch to £500 if I think it worth it. I only intend record and edit
my home videos but if possible I would like a card which can output video to
both PAL and NTSC because I have relative's that live in America and if possible
I would like to send some home videos to them.

I would like to input and output DV at a resolution of 720 x 576 pixels (PAL)
uncompressed if possible?

Thanks Paul.

Paul J Ronalds
Joined: Nov 3 2003

whoop's nearly forgot, I will be capturing video from DV and Video tape.
Once I have edited the video on my computer I will output the video file
to a standard VHS video recorder, possibly also a SVHS recorder and
at a later date a DVD burner.

Thanks Paul.