Abit Be6 v.2 motherboard or Promise controller?

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Hello All,

First, to put you in the picture, with reference to a recent query I posted in the General section -

"existing set-up:: CPU: PentiumII 400. Motherboard Jetway J7BXAN ATX. HDD: 10GB UDMA Maxtor. RAM: 128MB SDRAM. Video Card: ATI Rage Fury 32MB. Sound Card: 256 Creative LIve. CD-ROM: 36x CD and Plextor ReWriter 12/10/32A. I've just bought a DV500.

I am planning on adding two Maxtor 40Gig HDs
on a Promise controller card. A friend who is very knowledgable about computers, (but not about video editing work and its special needs), queried wether my motherboard would be up to it,-(he thinks Jetway is rubbish),- and suggested that an upgrade may be needed - and if that was the case why not go for the Abit Be6 v.2 which has a 4 channel 33 UDMA and a 4 channel 66 UDMA which can be used as a RAID according to its website. It costs £97+ inc.VAT. and so is cheaper than the Promise 100 and much cheaper than Promise plus a new motherboard. And a more modern motherboard would anyway be more productive.

I am in the exciting position of an ignorant person who is about to make a financial leap in the dark.

Will my existing motherboard take it or not? Can anyone help? Or does anyone have any other suggestions?

Again, many thanks in advance for all help.


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The ABIT BE6-II Raid is the board you want, it comes equiped with a High Point 370 Controller, which is udma 100 and allows you to have 4 devices configured in raid sets.
The earlier BE6 boards with the High Point 366 controller were a night mare, but they have fixed all this now. If you prefer to use a flip chip processor, the BX133 is the equivelent board from ABIT, but is very difficult to find.
Abit also do a stand alone controller with the High Point 370 chips on and I beleive it is significanlty cheaper than the Promise equiv, but I must admit I have never tryed one.

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Tony Cobley

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> I am planning on adding two Maxtor 40Gig HDs

One 80 gb would be somewhat cheaper.

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My advice is to avoid the Abit boards for video editing especially with Maxtor disks. I have an Abit BE6-2 board with the UDMA66 channels and ended up putting my Maxtor 20 & 40 disks on the UDMA33 channels and the CDs on the 66's otherwise the system would hang when playing large files (i.e. video). After posting on this board I disabled the Highpoint UDMA66 on the Abit and installed a Promise UDMA100 board and the Maxtors (UDMA66) work perfectly on this. I believe ASUS do an equivalent motherboard which uses the much better Promise controller. But again avoid the Highpoint controller - I've read that even the new 100 and RAID is far from stable.

Good Luck


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I agree with tonyco that the new Abit board may be suitable for you if you really need UDMA100. When I upgraded some months ago I went for the Abit BE6-11 which was the biggest mistake I could have made. At the time the Highpiont controllers were a nightmare. In the end I changed the board for an Asus P3V4X with the Via Apollo pro 133a chipset, this has UDMA66 built into the board and so does not interfere with anything. My system is:-
Asus P3V4X motherboard
Pinnacle DC30+
2 x IBM Deskstars UDMA66 (20.5 & 27.5gig)
256 of PC 100 EC Memory
Ensoniq wavetable soundcard
Pentium 111 600mHz
Premier 5.1c
The computer is used as a general workhorse and deals with everything I throw at it with out complaint - in short I am well pleased and will not upgrade again for at least a year or so.