Advice for getting second HDD's working

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I dunno if this will be any help to anyone, but here goes!

A while ago I happily purchased a Mactor 17GB hard drive, to use for video capturing and editing of DV originated material. I already had a 6.5GB drive in use (on one channel) and a CD-R and DVD drive (on the second).

So I set it up as the slave on the primary channel (with the 6.5GB drive), correctly partitioned and installed it. I went to test it for transfer rates, and was horrified to see that it was around 1MB/sec!

I checked that it was set-up as recommended by this mag and then sent a post here. The only way I managed to get it working was by un-hooking my CD-R + DVD drives and putting it on the second channel - not very useful as I could then not use these drives!

Recently I was capturing some large files and un-hooked my CD drives and linked in my 17GB drive. Once that was done I was putting them back and decided to link in my 17GB drive and 6.5GB on the primary channel (as before) but this time in a different order on the cable.

I re-started my computer, tested the 17GB drive, and hey presto! Read and write rates of around 15MB/sec! Sorry this was such a long story, but I thought it may be of use to those of you who have also had trouble getting your hard drives working properly.

As a final note, I must admit I kicked myself for not trying such a simple trick for getting it to work in the first place!

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And which way round was it that worked - with the master at the end of the cable, I assume?

Bob C