Anybody tried a FireWire caddy?...

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Joined: Apr 27 2001 this one on eBay?

On a PC?

Or (...I hesistate to ask...) a Mac?

(I can see it's only a MobileRack caddy with a FireWire IDE bridge, but I am sure we would like to hear anybody's experiences.)

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Looks alright to me,

I'm using a ADS Pyro Drive Kit on my iMac with 120Gb IBM. No probs. Obviously not internal, but firewire is firewire, be it inside or out. If it's designed to fit in a tower case, it can only be as big as an optical drive.


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Worth knowing that some ADS Pyro 1394 drive kits are likely to come available early in the week at knock down prices.

Not anything like as cheap as the product on ebay, but these are quality FireWire drive bays.


I hope to know more for sure on Tuesday, and will post to the above thread.

Bob C

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Not quite sure that "firewire is firewire", Tim. Just look at Mr.C's experiences recently.

I too have a number of ADS Pyro cases, also used with Macs (and PCs), and I agree they work well. However, this was the first time I have seen a 5.25" removeable caddy and FireWire/IDE bridge sold as a package. So I just wondered if anyone had tried it yet?

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Gavin Gration
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VIP branded ones are OK - we've done a few - no faster/slower than LaCie units - the have a fan in the back and stay cool - only problem was the last ones we got were translucent orange YUK!

We also put few caddy kits into both ADS enclosures and Unbranded Alloy 5.25" Boxes from Microdirect (911 chipset bridge)- the caddies stuck out of the front an inch or two & need drilling here and there but they worked perfectly.

The only snags we've hit are some systems won't handle - a firewire drive on the same card as a camera/deck - an additional 1394 card solves this.

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we recently invested in some internal drive caddies at work, and just for fun i stuck my firewire-IDE bridge in the mix - works fine, and you get a hot-swapable caddie system!