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Bruce Markham
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Maybe this isn't covered by this forum but worth a try.
My setop DVD player won't play homemade audio CDR's but it will play homemade DVD's.Is it possible for me to make an audio DVD-which at 4.7Gb would hold the equivalent of 6-7 CDRs? If it is, is it likely to play on my DVD player? Assuming it is possible can one write part of the DVD and leave it open to add more later-as with CDRs? I know this is not possible with video DVDs.
I live in hope-Bruce

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an answer from usenet

It is possible to create a dvd-a (audio only) by utilizing the AUDIO_TS
folder but a stand alone dvd player would not recognize it. An alternative
method would require the 44.kHz audio to be resample to 48Khz and saved as
wave files. Sound Forge does this easily. Next step would be to create a
menu and add still images to the menu using a dvd authoring program. Then
you would link a audio file to each still image. Next, you would specify the
menu to be infinite (dvd won't begin to play as soon as the disc is
inserted), and next you would specify the properties of each still image as
to what you want to happen after it plays each one. Once you get to the last
still image you would specify that the last action be to return to the menu.
It also helps to specify that the menu button be disabled for each still
Does it really work? Yes. But obviously there will be still images. Just
don't turn on your television set

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Bruce Markham
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Hi Gary-Thanks for the very comprehensive reply.It is all a bit Hi-Tech for me.I am only a beginner and don't really understand the different types of audio file.What is the difference between audio on a DVD and on a CDR? My problem is simple.I bought my standalone DVD player 3 years ago.At that time it was top-of-range Denon-DVM-3700 5-disc carousel changer.Having been told it would play anything,I was a bit fed up to find a few months later it would not play CDRs but by then too late to do anything about it.The ideal would be to modify the player but I am told this is not possible.(Any ideas anyone?) I was hoping to use a DVD as a sort of long-playing CDR but now realise I am being a bit naive.With regard to changing audio format,I have just been reading a short review of "Steinberg myMP3PRO".For £25 this prog seems to do just about anything audio.Would it be any use to me?

Ford Prefect
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Hi Bruce,
I don't think your mp3 pro suite is going to be much use to you unless your 5-disc Denon plays mp3s.
Going back to your original requirement, i.e. to be able to create discs of music that will play on your set-top player:-
DVDs would be best but most complicated, so let us know if you can play anything else such as SVCDs or VCDs, if so we might be able to help.