Blu-ray discs

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Paul Jordan
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Just got the LG blu-ray writer for the PC and wondered if any recommendations for good quality blank blu-ray discs, preferably inkjet printable.

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VERBATIM IS THE USUAL CHOICE. I have tried only two with my LG writer. One is excellent and the other is never recognised by the writer and so it useless I have also tried the LG blu-ray disc supplied with the writer and that is useless as well.

Mark M
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Yes, Verbatim is the usual choice, but I have recently had excellent results with the Panasonics:
Which are about half the price of the Verbatims for a spindle of 25.

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I've use a few of these in my LG Blu-Ray writer with out problems.

Must have a look at those Mark.

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Gavin Gration
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Used Verbatim here normal BDR, BDRE.

BDR LTH discs work in new LG drives but older LG writers need a firmware update - spent ages updating our towers a few months ago.

BDR LTH discs are not compatible with some early Matsushita (Panasonic) drives at all.