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I was defraging my laptop, 40gig hard drive but pressed the quit "x" before it had finished (I know stupid mupet). Now it boots to the windows start up screen but just cycles and wont go any further. I have tried all the normal ways to kick it into life, safe mode, last known good config but no go. My last try was to boot from the CD into recovery. did Chkdsk all ok, did fixboot and fixmbr but now stuck as to what else to do. Reluctant to do a full blown reinstall as I have some video files that I would like to keep and as always forgot to back up. Be grateful for any suggestions
Paul R

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Hi Paul
(I`ll assume you`re running XP)

Re-boot from the cd, but choose the "setup XP" option instead of "Recovery console"

After XP`s found you already have an existing installation (however poorly) it`ll offer you the choice of "Repair..." or "Setup XP..."

No surprise - opt for the repair option here, then just leave it to it.
It does take as long to `repair` as it takes for a fresh install tho`

Obviously i`m not suggesting this as a long term fix - but it will allow you to access XP to lift off what you need - burn to disc or copy to another drive etc

Regards, josjac