Camera Upgrade ?

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Thinking of getting something a bit better than my FinePix A600.

10 MP would be fine with a zoom lens and just as compact as the A600 and uses AA batteries.

I would like a lens that doesn't distort the picture.

Like this.....

Oh, and a reasonable price.

Any thoughts. ..:confused:

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Barry Hunter
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Just traded in my Olympus E300 for a Sony A700, bonus being I`ll be able to use the lans with my Z7/S270, when the adapter becomes available.

Wicked cam & you can also set it to 16:9 which is a bonus as you can use it for stills within your edit suite if working in W/S.

Barry Hunter

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R. Ferguson wrote:
...I would like a lens that doesn't distort the picture. Like this.....

I believe that distortion (the converging verticals?) is simple (and unavoidable) perspective distortion, Fergie, as you have the camera pointing down from the horizontal.

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You'd either have to shoot kind of square on to the subject. Or you'd need a Tilt and Shift Lens the kind architects use

Richard Payne
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I got a Panasonic FX500 with a 25mm lens and 5X Zoom
I can't see distortion at 25mm - not done too much architectural.

I paid £239 for it

tom hardwick
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I think he means barrel distortion chaps, not perspective.