cannot check dma on h/d settings

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my mother board supports dma 33 but i cannot check dma and when i do it reboots showing the box unticked, my bios states that dma is on can anyone help me. also my hds are on seperate cables what are the 80 cables i've read about and would they help me i have a 6.4 as my boot and a fugitsu ultra dma 17gig which is set to the second master.

dv master i wish i understood what your saying but i don't i have flashed my bios and tried everything to check the dma setting m.soft say i need a newer bus master controller the one i have is ali m5229 pci bus master controller

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bobc my drive is deffinetely an 33 as my board doesn't accept 66 m. soft state that my bus controller and bios need refreshing, any help would be appreciated

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The problem is most likely to do with the fact that the Fujitsu is ATA66, and your motherboard doesn't have a clue how to deal with it.

You need to download a small DOS utility from Fujitsu's site that switches your 17GB drive to report itself to the motherboard as being ATA33, rather than ATA66. Once that's done, the DMA box should stay ticked.

You also need an 80-wire cable - otherwise, you'll end up getting errors that can result in your spending hours waiting for the drives to have surface scans carried out.

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If for some reason you are running NT SP5 it seems that after checking DMA you need to rerun SP5. Microsoft appears to have designed the SP that anytime you do anything to the OS you need to rerun it.

A few mother boards Shuttle etc with Award bios seem to just have problems until you get everything just right.
John Ferrick