Can't run DskBnch

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david fuller
Joined: Jun 19 1999

Thanks for the helpful responses to my query about impending HDD upgrade. Sorry to be a pest but I have another problem.

For convenience, here is my configuration again. My system is a Cyrix6X86-300M2 on an Intel i430TX chipset motherboard, with 96Mb RAM running Win95 OSR2.5 (recently upgraded from Win95 original issue courtesy Primary IDE Master has 1.3GB HDD, and Slave has 8.4GB HDD. Secondary IDE has CD-ROM and CD-ROM Writer.

In preparing for upgrade I thought I should check that my existing 8.4GB Disc (UDMA) was running properly and so downloaded from CV site, and ran, DskBnch. I got a somewhat disappointing 5-ish Mbytes/sec so I dived into Mr Crabtree's FAQ guidance. Due to a mixture of partial ignorance (*see below) and total carelessness, I got into quite a mess, but eventually recovered unharmed (except for pride) by reinstalling Win95 OSR2.5. All seems back OK except I can't run DskBnch. It starts, does clock check and then disappears! I've tried new download with no effect. Can anyone help?

*My error stemmed partly from confusion between Disc Drives and Hard Disc Controllers in Control Panel/System Properties/Device Manager. My Disc Drives (apart from Floppy) show up as "Generic IDE Disk Type 47" (twice). My (3) HD Controllers are Primary IDE Controller (single FIFO), Standard Dual PCI IDE Controller and Standard IDE/EDSI Hard Disk Controller. I think these are the same as when I was in Win95 Basic. Are these appropriate settings? It was trying to change an IDE controller to a bus mastering one that started my trouble.

Thanks in advance, David Fuller