capturing to external hard drive

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I have just installed a lacie d2 250 gb hard drive onto a mac running 0s9.2

The drive is connected via firewire to the machine and another firewire is going into the computer from the deck.

when capturing directly to this drive, after a certain amount of time the capture stops and an error message comes up saying that the file size is too big.

this also happens when transferring large files from an internal drive to the d2 drive.

Anyone know what to do?

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How is the LaCie formatted? Check it isn't formatted with a Windows format (FAT32).
In such a case where there are disk errors I would reformat the LaCie with the Silverlining Pro utility that I presume came with the drive - choose the Mac OS HFS+ (Extended) format.

The drive should work fine with Os9.2.2.