Computer to Camcorder

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I am using a GRDVM90 camcorder and a Acer 710DX notebook with a PentiumII, 233 mhz, 10GB ATAPI Hard drive, Western Digital firewire card (Nec OHCI compliant 1394 host controller), operating Windows 2K professional. I have installed dx8.0 & it's updates and have 96mb of memory. All of my devices or drivers are working with no indication of conflicts. My DMA is on if availble.

My software is Video Studio 4.0 and it's update. I capture ok and looks fine on the computer and sounds fine. When video taken on tape run on the camera's view finder it is fine. I can send video to the camera tape but it has unrecognizable sound. The video looks disjointed or parts of video don't line up. Quality not good enough to want to use. When putting DV in to the camera the view finder on camera jumps quite a bit. File properties are compression: DV Video Encoder..Type 1, DV Audio -- NTSC, 4800, kHz 16 Bit, Stereo. My MS controller driver runs the camera fine for capturing and for DV in.

I'm new to digital camcording or any kind of camcording and could someone give me some help. Thanks