Computer Video urgently needs Deputy editor and sub-editor

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There are big changes happening at Computer Video magazine and, as a result, we are increasing our editorial staffing level by 25 per cent.

Management-speak translation
My assisant editor Pat Byrne is leaving, and being replaced by *two* people - a deputy editor and a sub editor - bringing our editorial team to four persons, including the mag's designer and myself.

Those who know Pat will be interested to learn that he is joining Pinnacle UK's front-line support team at the end of the month.

And, the disgruntled users of Pinnacle's DV300, Studio 400 etc among that select band will be forgiven for thinking that,"Every cloud has a silver lining".


The deputy editor will be expected to write for (and supervise the production of) every section of the magazine when needed.

Writing duties will include some reviews of hardware, software, camcorders and VCRs - and these may involve working at home.

However, he or she will largely be expected to relieve me of some of the many jobs that I do as editor, and which currently result in my having to compose rambling job adverts (or reply to message board postings) at times when sensible folk should be sleeping.

As a quick taster, we are talking about:

* Commissioning articles (and following through to ensure they are received on time)

* Coming up with ideas for articles

* Coming up with ways of increasing our revenue - including increasing issue sales and subscriptions.

* Helping shape the many changes being planned for our web site

* Being my conscience ("Bob! You know the readers deserve better than that, don't they?")

* Liasing internally and externally with anyone I can't find the time (or willpower) to talk to.

* Going a couple of times a year to boring parts of the UK or mainland Europe on one-day trips that inevitably mean your having to be at Heathrow (or Paddington) before 6am.

The job requires good writing skills and good knowledge of either video or of computers - though knowledge of both would be ideal.

All that said, this is a new job and the deputy will pretty much write her/his own job description.

As a result, candidates who can show that they know what's needed to make the mag even more unputdownable for readers (and how to make my life slightly more bearable), will certainly push their way to the front of the queue. Assuming, of course, that there is a queue.


The sub-editor's job will involve all the things that sub-editor's jobs involve, and if you don't know what they are, you are not a sub-editor and shouldn't apply.

Ideally the sub-editor will be someone whose English is better than mine; whose ability to turn drab, poorly organised articles into great reading is better than mine; and whose appetite for work is greater than mine.

Oh, and, of course, it will be someone with total familiarity with Quark Xpress.

If the ideal candidate isn't available, I'd settle for someone who CARES about making each word count - and knows how to.

If you'd like to know more about these jobs, or are foolish enough to apply for one of them without having any more information than I've given here, then please contact me as soon as possible either by email to:

or by snail-mail to:

Bob Crabtree
Computer Video
WV Publications
57-59 Rochester Place
London NW1 9JU.


Bob Crabtree

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I would like to apply. I have no experience in this field whatsoever, very little knowledge about the subject , cannot spel and have an appalling command of the english language.

I should be a cert for the job going on how many of my colleagues seemed to have achieved promotion with exactly the same qualities listed above.

On the slim chance that my application is not accepted Bob I hope you find someone else of high quality to help with running the mag...maybe it could then go fortnightly?
Two fixes a month!!!

Regards tez

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I assume your application is in the post.

Or your tongue is in your cheek.

Bob C

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Thought it might be nice to say here,

"Welcome aboard" to Peter Wells, Pete1 of this parish, who joins CV on Monday 17th May as our new deputy editor, and from today gets promoted to Adminstrator (hey, two promotions in one day - Richard Jones, author of our highly-acclaimed Media Studio 5 tutorial being the other).

There were a couple of good applicants, both regular visitors to this site, but Peter got the job by a short neck.

Mind you, there was nothing in his CV about a couple of things he lists in his profile as being his main interests, which are, "Film, video, music, computing, *whisky* & *cigarettes*"!!!

Oh, and we are still looking for a sub-editor.

Bob C

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Welcome Pete and Richard
We are a friendly lot on this site so don't be worried. Let poor Bob have some rest I'm sure he needs it.


David Murphy

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How does that song go?
"Cigarettes, whisky and ...." What was it?

I need to get out more.

Congratulations on your appointment Peter.