CV Cover price to increases but European subs to cost less

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We finally finished the May issue today, only about 8 days late!


In this issue - on sale the last Thursday of April - you will notice that my editorial tells readers about some forthcoming price increases!

These increases are intended to pay for extra staff and equipment - and to improve the bottom line slightly - so that we can do the things we (and you the readers) know we need to do; without me dying of overwork.
[He writes, at 1.20 am!!]

From June, the magazine cover price goes up to £3.55 in the UK (from £2.85).

From July, the UK Subscription goes up to £40 (from £32) but European subscriptions FALL - to £45, from £50 because, after investigating the costings (following a couple of complaints), we had to agree that we were not giving our non-UK European readers a fair deal.

Prices for the rest of the world remain unchanged at £60 (sea) £80 (airmail).

We are also planning to make available an electronic subscription to the magazine, which will be less than the cost of any of the above paper subscriptions, but which will come free to all paper subscribers.

Bob C