Dedicated Hard Disc for Video Editing

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I have successfully installed an additional 25gb hard disc for video editing. I note that the current advice is to keep the editing software on the existing disc and to transfer MS Pro temporary files to the new 25gb disc.

Two questions:- Which files do I transfer and how? Also should I transfer the windows "swap" file to the new disc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


D Hewgill

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>Which files do I transfer and how?<

You don't actually move files, you tell MSP where to place its temporary files, by specifying in Cache and Preview under File/Preferences.

>Also should I transfer the windows "swap" file to the new disc.<

Best not. In fact, if you have plenty of RAM (128Mb seems plenty) it is worth trying to run with no swap file ie virtual memory turned off. In my AV Master system it ensures no dropped frames on playbacks of rendered file sequences longer than 2 hours.
Ray Liffen