DVMP Pro new version 5

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Hi everyone,

I'd just like to announce a new version 5 of DVMP Pro has been released.

The new version now plays files from standard definition Sony HDD/DVD (MPEG-2) camcorders, MOD files and HDV1 (720 line HDV variant), while displaying their embedded metadata. You can also burn-in the metadata which includes timecode, date and time of recording, f-stop, shutter speed, gain, and other exposure related information that the camera continuously stores while recording. It also continues to support AVCHD, HDV and DV formats.

Here are a few of the main changes from the previous version:

  • Added support for HDV1 (720 line), Sony HDD/DVD files and MOD files.
  • Support for NXCAM (inc PCM audio) and AVCHD Lite's "720p30 in 720p60" (or 720p25 in 720p50) mode
  • GPS Geotagging coords displayed or burned-in for AVCHD cameras equipped with a GPS unit (in high def or standard def mode). Also displays a Google map of the location at any frame of the video clip.
  • Burn-in now has transparent background option
  • User-defined formatting and multiple languages supported for burned-in date stamp
  • Custom text can now be burned-in

More details at