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I'm about to buy and install my first extra HD. I have windows (95) PC with a 9.1 seagate drive which is on its last legs, and on the primary master. I have a cd which is on the primary slave and cd burner which is recommeneded to go on the secondary master (which is where it is). The new drive (25gig IBM) will now go on the primary master and I'll put the seagate elsewhere.

My questions are: Is it really a problem having a CD on the same ide channel? Should I lose the CD player? Should I lose both of them? (I don't fancy ditching them and buying scsi). Should I buy a fastrak? Is there anything else I should be aware of in the process or is there a site anyonecould recommend that could help with disk installation (and re-installing windows).

Phew, sorry for so many questions but I know notheeeng.


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I think your best solution is this:
Pri master - 25GB HD
Pri slave - 9.1GB HD
Sec master - CD-Recorder
Sec Slave - CD-ROM
Even if I would have kept the 9Gig with system files as master and the 25Gig for video files as slave. That way you don't have to reinstall Windows and you can dedicate a drive, or parts of it, for video footage.

Set the jumpers on the drives according to their new positions (master/slave)
If you need more HD:s I recomend a Fasttrack and setting up a stripe-set.

Before you do anything with your system, make sure that you either have a boot-disc with drivers for your CD-ROM or copy the Win95 folder from your Windows CD to the 9.1GB HD. If you don't do this, you will have problems installing Windows!