FCP 5 question, please help

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I’ve recently upgraded from FCP 4 to FCP 5 and since my upgraded I’m not sure if its my G4 867 or FCP5 software or or my Sony analog/digital converter (Sony DVMC – DA2) but either way I’ve not been able to capture video using the capture tool in FCP5. Nor have I been able to view video externally. I tested my converter with Imovie and it works fine. When I go to View > External Video > All Frames in FCP I’m not able to check off the "All Frames" option. Under Audio / Video Settings under the A/V Device tab the Video pull down menu reads (Missing) Apple Fire Wire NTSC (720 x 480). Can anyone help me with this.

I checked the fire wire and the Sony DVMC and they both work fine. I think the problem must lie in an option or a preferences. I've tried throwing away my preferences and reinstalling FCP.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you
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