Firewire Drive(s)

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Eddie Edwardes
Joined: Feb 10 2002

I wanted to move large files between the Edit Suite (NT4/NTFS), Graphics Machine (W95/FAT32), Sound Machine (W98/FAT32) and a Dell Inspiron 8100 Laptop (DualBoot ME/FAT32 and W2000/NTFS)

So I got a Firewire Case from Worldspan and stuffed a spare Seagate (ST33062A) 30gb drive inside a Mobile Rack (all our machines are fitted with mobile racks) and fitted that into the Firewire Case. Voila, I can now move anything anywhere.

Just out of curiosity I downloaded raptest.exe and ran it on the Dell, under W2K to check the Firewire Drive which was partition as Fat32/Fat16/NTFS - the results were interesting.

Checking the system drive returned a result of 15read/11write. The Firewire drive performed as follows: Fat32=30/20, Fat16=27/22 and NTFS=25/19.

As there seems to be a big interest in Firewire Drives I thought I'd post these results to see if anyone had any comments or observations?

I might try connecting a SCSI drive via the PCMCIA port tomorrow to compare the results.