Firewire harddisks ?

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Hi all. I'm new to this game and I am trying to decide upon a setup for some digital NLE. I've seen firewire harddisks advertised in Mac magazines for the new G3s. Would these work with PC DV cards such as the Raptor. This seems like a cheaper route than going SCSI ?

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The cheapest - and most effective - route is Ultra ATA drives.

If you buy from somewhere like Dabs Direct ( or Simply Computers (

You can, for instance, buy a 17GB model for about £125 (+VAT) or even a 25GB (IBM) for £212 (+VAT).

And, before you ask, yes, these drives are perfectly suitable for DV editing.

I've used much slower drives than these perfectly satisfactorily for video editing on a B&W G3 and, if you search this forum you'll find a bunch of people saying similar things.

Be aware, too, that some of these so-called FireWire drives are actually ATA models with FireWire interfaces tacked on.

Bob C