Freeze Frame in Windows Movie Maker

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Graham Risdon
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Hi All
A post on behalf of my 14 year old daughter... she's playing with Windows Movie maker and wants to do some freeze frame stuff - i.e play the video, freeze on a frame for a bit then play on... Now this is a doddle on my PPro CS3/Axio kit (or even my P6.5 suite) but don't fancy letting daughter on either just yet!!

So is there a way of doing this in Moviemaker. If not, I guess I'll buy her a copy of elements of something - could be useful if I need a standby editor!!!

Many thanks

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You cant really, but if its only for a couple of seconds i would select the frame, add slow by half about 4 times, then see what happens.


Rob James
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Graham, if you don't fancy letting her loose on your systems then please, get her elements or similar. I let my daughter loose on my older Edius system at the same age and she knows more about it than I do now. (Well, the clever stuff at least, she still relies on dad for the techy bits)

Rob The picture is only there to keep the sound in sync

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just had a play with moviemaker
on main timeline viewer window there are two buttons
1 = (cntrl + L ) = cut
2 = take picture

so at point you want the still , cut , then take picture , and re-insert the ''still picture'' into the timeline at the cut

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Graham Risdon
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Hi Gary
Great - I'll let her know!
Many thanks