Hard Drive for Dc10 +??

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I,m helping my partner who is a teacher in a local high school to
set up a NLE on a limited budget.They have bought a Pinnacle dc10 +, and are now looking for advice on the computer. Their projects for the moment are shot on Hi8 and SVHS and output at VHS quality, however there is a possibility that this year they will receive a SVHS recorder
They are thinking along the lines of a Pentium II 350 or 400 with 128 megas Ram, apart from this things are not very clear due to potencial incompatabilities flagged by Pinnacle.Given Pinnacles previous compatability problems, I would ask the following ?
If you are "sucessfully" running the DC10 + what
1: soundcard
2: grafics card
3: hard disk
would you recommend ??????????
The hard disk issue is quiet confusing as some people say SCSI is necessary, others say EIDE drives but that they have to be "Audio / Video" ie no thermic re calibracion. In the magazine it says "ordinary",ie non A / V, UDMA are sufficient,if this is so it would allow them to buy two, FUJITSU picobird mpd3130at 12gigas udma 4. Or would you recommend one drive of 24 gigas?
or a different model.
If there is anything further you think they sould look into ?
Many Thanks

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I'm going to pass on the soundcard and graphics card - I'd suggest you look at the compatibility list on Pinnacle's web site and also awaiting comments from other DC10 plus users.

However, as for hard disks - ANY modern UltraATA hard disk will be fast enough.

Oh, and modern hard disks do not thermally calibrate (and haven't done for quite some time - well over a year, and probably longer).

Other comments - don't worry about whether the drive is 5,400 or 7,200rpm, either should be fast enough.

Go to a web site, that you know offers good prices - in the UK, my first port of call would be Dabs direct (http://www.dabs.com), and see which drives have the lowest cost per gigabyte. I suspect that IBM 25GB drives will be ahead of the pack, but there are others that will run it close or may even cost less per GB

Matt Jackson
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Hello breng!

I use the DC10+ with an IBM deskstar 14GXP, which is a 7200RPM ATA33 UDMA 14.1Gb drive, if you are looking at SVHS quality I would go for a drive with 7200RPM, you will need this speed to sustain transfer rates required by SVHS, 5400RPM drives are too slow.

The bigger the drive the better, you can never have too much HD space!

Keep your video drive for video editing only, no loading software...etc. onto this drive!

When you come to install this new drive make sure you enable DMA as this will speed up your transfer rate.

Sound cards:
Must be PCI, I use a Sound Blaster PCI128 this card is around £20.
I also have a SB AWE64 ISA card, I get sound sync problems with this card when used for NLE, but it offers excellent musical abilities as I also use my PC for house music for which the PCI128 is crap!

Video cards:
I have an ATi expert@work, it has 4Meg of RAM on board it does the job.
I am about to purchase a new video card which has 32Meg RAM, 360Hz RAMDAC and supports 2048x1536 @ 85, it's the Matrox millennium G400. I'll let you know the results

Pinnacle's DC10+ web board can be found at:

My PC is:

256M SD100 RAM
Drive 1 (operating system) 3.2Gig Quantum Fireball ST
Drive 2 (Video Only) 14.1Gig IBM Deskstar 14GXP
PII 266
Intel Motherboard 440LX
Ati Expert@work 4Meg
Sound Blaster PCI128
Pinnacle DC10+ capture board

I use my PC to edit SVHS from my Sony TRV110E (Digital8) camcorder, if I get a better paid job I will go for the full digital editing suite, but the above does me for NLE@SVHS quality!

Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson