Hard drive speed

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Still cant get miro dv to capture without dropping frames.
C drive...10 gigmaxtor
D drive...same
E drive 25 gig IBM
BX board
333 P11 celeron

been thru the FAQs
During boot up the drives show as ultra dma 2
But the dma option is not checked in device manager. If I check this it crashes and needs a full re-install....
So question.... do I need a fastrack raid system?

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You say you've been through the FAQs. But have you acted upon anything that they contain.

I reckon you need to restart in Safe Mode (dab the F8 key every 1.5 secs during boot up) go to System Properties/hard disk controllers and remove the existing controller.

After a restart, the controller should be recognised by Windows and the right drivers installed.

Then it should just be a matter of ticking the DMA box which should be visible against each UDMA hard disk drive (in System Properties, of course), restarting again, and seeing what happens.

It that doesn't work, check the drive CD (or floppy disks) that came with your motherboard to see if there are any clues there about drivers you ought to run.

Bob C

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Thanks for your post.
Forgot to say the miro DV300 card is now working flawlesly with my SCSSi drives.Just output a 3 hour edit!
I have to transfer them from computer to computer each time I want to use them. Its a pain! But I will persevere with the IDE drivers.