Has your audio amplifier started to forget?

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My studio has a big Sherwood 5 x 100W audio amplifier for surround sound. During the guarantee period it started losing its memory of the settings I had given it - relative speaker levels, alternate aux inputs, etc. It was fixed under guarantee.

A couple of weeks ago (now out of guarantee) it started getting forgetfull again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I took the lid off and confirmed that the 'memory' is one of those special high-value capacitors - in this case half a Farad at 5.5v. Fortunately Maplin still carry a range of electronic components in addition to the 'ride-on kiddies trike for £39.99' and they do 1 Farad (JR01B) for less than three quid. Two snips with the cutters, two dabs with the soldering iron and its the best recovery from Altzheimers since Ernest Saunders!

Ray liffen