HDD ID's using partitioned disk and caddy

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I have 2 HDD, including a 17GB with 2 50% partitions, i.e. C,D,E.
I want to use a caddy (which may include another HDD with 2 50% partions), but I have tested by adding a drive temporarily and the original E now becomes F.
Is there a way to stop this happening, as obviously any program or shortcut pointing to the original drive E will now not work?

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Unfortunately not in Win98; I've been told that NT allows you to choose which letters to assign to partitions (though poking around on the NT machine next to me I can't find any obvious way to do so).

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There is one way to do it but it involves formatting your drive in the caddy. You will loose all your data on the drive unless you have a program like Partition Magic.

This should be done on the drive/s you use in the caddy!

WARNING! You loose ALL your data on the drive so make sure you have backed it up and that you pick the right physical drive in fdisk!

1. Run fdisk and choose your drive in the caddy.

2. Remove all logical partitions.

3. Remove the extended partition.

4. Remove the primary partition.

5. Create a new extended partition and let it fill up all the space on the HD.

6. Create the logical partitions you need.

7. Exit fdisk, restart your system and format the new partitions.

This way the caddy's partitions is going to be F and G and your other drive letters remains unchanged. (Except for the CD of course...) Windows 9x (and DOS) is kind of funny that way (too). First it takes the primary partition of the first drive (C) then it takes the primary partition of the second drive (D). When all primary partitions have been assigned drive letters it starts over from the first drive and takes all logical partitions and gives them letters and then the second drive and so on... With a couple of HD:s in a computer it can be quite messy...

Oh. If you have a little guts, patience and time you can try the tip below... I'm quite positive it won't work, but I'm not sure... :)

This might be a longshot, haven't tried it myself, but if you have access to Partition Magic and have backed up all your data on your 17GB drive you can try to create two primary partitions instead of one primary and one logical on that drive. I don't know if Win98 likes it (Win NT lets you have up to four primary partitions on one drive) but if it does, you don't have to worry about shifting drive letters again! If it don't work, the worst thing that can happen is that Win98 won't see the drive.

BTW. In NT you start Disk Manager, where you can change the drive letters for all units...

Hope this made any sense...