Hot Hard Drives!

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J Hinchley
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How hot should a hard drive get?
I have noticed that the hard drives in my new system(PIII 450) are getting extremely hot - almost too hot to
touch. This is after a couple of hours use editing some video footage in Premiere 5.1.
This system has been plagued with troubles since it was built, and seems to have corrupt system
files after each use.
Also, during preview of some Premiere 5.1 video projects, there have been system crashes (the blue screen
variety) and messages suggesting that files may be corrupted.
Can anyone advise me if drives do generally get VERY hot, and if they don't, what might be the cause?

I must say, it is not something I've noticed before on my previous system, but then again, I did not
really check for this at the time.



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Heat is a killer and, possibly, your drives are getting too hot. This could be what is causing your problems but, even if it's not, you will extend the life of your drives if you can keep them cooler.

Take a look at the range of fans available from Maplins. They're cheap, and relatively simple to fit.

Bob C

Nigel Longman
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Bob of course is quite right in what he says about heat and hard drives, but you asked how hot to expect drives to get? The answer in my experience seems to be the faster the drive the hotter it gets. I have had uncooled 7200 rpm SCSI drives easily get too hot to touch in a fairly short time. Now a wiser man I always fit additional cooling for drives. If you read the full installation notes for most drives proper ventillation is nearly always mentioned, often with the optimal direction for air flow.



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I have a quantum atlas IV 7200 and it also gets almost too hot to touch, However I put them in a full tower with a ran and the whole system runs cooler. Incidently the normal operating temperature goes up to 50C


J Hinchley
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Thanks Guys for the replies.
My real worry is that if I put the same drives back in the old PC (Pent 233 MMX) they don't get nearly as hot as they do in the new one. I also have a 17.2Gb drive in the new PC which does not seem to get as hot either!!
If you check my previous posting in System configs, I mentioned the bother I was having with this PC. One chap suggested checking the voltages of my power supply with a multi-meter, which I have not done due to the lack of said item in my tool box. Makes me wonder though, if there might be a problem here???