How about overhauling the Buyers Guide?

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Let me first say that I like CV and the frankness in the editorials....but:)

The Buyers Guide falls short for me trying to
make sense of all the issues at stake.

I would like to see sections; whole system solutions, HW/SW packages, then the individual seperately sold HW cards, and software where not bundled together maybe.

Also the columns absolutely must include the summary/rating from your reviews, libreral use of abbreviations with a key, and tighter
typesetting so the horizontal colour bars line up properly.

For comparison see CV April '99 Page 88, then
take a look at the May issue of Practical Photography Page 104.

FYI, I am looking for an NLE DV(+AV?) solution below £1500, to give me a chance to try serious amateur/partime work. I have a Panasonic DX100 DV enabled, a PII 266, 128MB RAM, crappy 2MB Matrox Mystique Powerdesk
video, 17" monitor, and now 2x9GB UW SCSI disks (no adaptor for them yet).

Finally, congratulations on the website and
in particular, the message board.

Who ate all the pies?

Who ate all the pies?