How bout a SpeedRazor SE Review?

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Shaun Tregear
Joined: Apr 17 1999

I have been readng about In-Sync's release of a lite version of the SpeedRazor software.
They are aiming this program at the prosumer hardware owners (30+ etc).

Sounds like it will offer some real performance benefits like faster rendering and real time preview of transitions to the PC monitor. (still needs rendering but you can instantly preview transitions etc, then render only when editing is completed)

Sounds like a dream come true!!

How about a test and review in the mag of SpeedRazor SE with the DC30+?

Joined: Mar 7 1999

The SE version of SpeedRazor is the ultimate example of vapourware.

Long time readers will know that I wrote a eulogy about the program many, many months ago, and it's still not turned up.

I've heard suggestions that it may not even be finished this CENTURY.

Bob C

Shaun Tregear
Joined: Apr 17 1999

Its funny you know.....
I remember reading that editorial review about SpeedRazor SE, the mame just didn't sink in at the time.

Anyway if it does ever see a commercial release, could we see a comparative review of its performace please.

Sounds like I shouldn't hold my breath though...