IBM 7200 overheating?

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I'm sat here considering my next hard disk purchase and the choice is down to two:
The 22gb 7200 IBM and the 25 gb 5200 IBM.
I would imagine the 22gb is better suited to nle because of its r/w speed but I have heard that it is prone to overheating .Does anyone have any info on this or advice ?

Thanks in advance


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I would be very surprised if this were true. All IBM hard drives are 'burned-in' over several hours with no cooling -- in fact, sometimes they are baked as well, to make sure they still operate hotter.

I work at a plant that does warranty repairs on IBM drives (among others) and there certainly isn't an influx of crispy 7200rpm drives. Before they are released they also go through this stringent test process.

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I have been using the 14.4 Gb model for several months without incident, but if you check the specs I am sure the 25Mb model has enough performance.

Look at through storage soloutions to the hard drive area to check.


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as per my submited topic this page my new 22
i.b.m would not defrag still waiting for i.b.m to come back to me. les brooks

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I have fitted a fan to my HD (IBM14GXP)due to other nearby components getting far too hot!