IBM unveils 73GB hard drive

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chris thomas
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Yoinks! Here's something I've just heard of:

"Big Blue's latest storage monster will eat an entire floor of books from the New York Public Library. And have room for desert.
IBM Friday took the wraps of its newest hard drive, a disk that runs at 10,000 RPM and can hold 73 GB of data.
The Ultrastar 72ZX "can hold the equivalent of a floor of books at the New York Public Library with room to spare," the company said in a release.
IBM also announced a new technology called Active Damping, which it said protects against temperature variation and vibration.
The new drive also supports one-Gbit and two-Gbit fibre channel interfaces.
It will begin shipping in the first quarter of next year."

Story from ZDNet:,4586,2354672,00.html

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