IDE drives mixed with Serial ATA Drives, help needed

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At the moment my system has fore IDE devices, on IDE channel 1 there are 2x harddrives, one master and one slave, on IDE channel 2 there are is a Sony DRU500a Master and a Pioneer A06 slave.

Ok, my motherboard has Serial ATA connections built into it, one master one slave. What I want to do is keep all my existing IDE Devices configured as they are and add an ATA drive that will then hopefully become my C: boot drive.

My system automatically looks for ATA devices upon boot up so I suppose if I had an ATA drive it would be fine.

Ok……now to my question, lol. Would this configuration make sense for video editing? I will boot from ATA drive then want to make the other two IDE hard drives available for storing Captured video and audio etc and conformed audio files and video previews etc in premiere pro.

Also when installing an ATA drive for booting is it just the same process as installing XP on an IDE drive from scratch if you know what I mean?

Any tips on how to setup an ATA drive from scratch, that is a fresh install of xp will be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading, hope you can help with this one


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Hi. I am sure the experienced experts will answer your question, but just to say this.

SATA is all Master, no slaves.

About a year ago I was going to do what, as I understand it as being. Putting a Boot on the SATA. I have an Asus P4PE and the manual does give quite good instrustions as how to use SATA. There have also been quite a few threads on the subject on these forums. Maybe a search on these forums for SATA would help.

In my case, I decided to keep the OS on a normal drive and I used two SATA 120GB in RAID 0, which work very well for video transfer storage.

However, like I said, there are others far more able to help than I am, but thought that this may be of interest to you.

All the best, Ron.