Interchangeable-lens Sony FX1 HDV camcorder on DVdoc's stand Wed 26!

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Interchangeable-lens Sony FX1 HDV camcorder on DVdoc's VideoForum stand on Wed 26!
Just got back from the show and am delighted to report that there was an email there from Matteo Ricchetti, saying he's coming over from Italy to be on the DVdoctor stand (152) at the VideoForum show on Wed Jan 25, Earls Court 1(hopefully, Thursday, too).

Who is Matteo Richetti?

Well, he's a guy that's done a modification of the Sony HDR-FXI camcorder - and it's been mod'd to take interchangeable lenses!

Check out these urls:

This is Matteo, with the beast:;f=8;t=003188;p=5

These are some shots of the mod being undertaken:

And these are some stills of images he's shot on the camcorder with different lenses:



tom hardwick
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This modification to the FX1 has to be seen to be believed! Imagine the Hidef FX1 chips being fed by a 1:1 50 mm macro prime, or a 135 mm lens with a proper iris control ring. This quiet modification to the Sony makes the Canon XL2 look a little disappointing.


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