Lacie issue

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Off late my External Lacie hard drive has been playing up. Checked the tread for any info but could not find any info.
Could do with some help please.
Opened my computer and could not see my external drive on desktop but it is located on my main hard drive.
Opened DISK UTILTY and rear these statements.
Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit (-9972)

Repair Attempted on 1 Volume
O HFS volume Repaired
1 Volume could not be repaired.

Any info please. Do not understand some of these statements

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Frank, it sounds like the hard drive is on it's way out, i'd get a new one asap, you don't need a whole new external drive, just the drive itself inside, you can get a hard drive from £30 upwards depending on the size, no point in buying a whole new external drive and paying £50 for a fancy case.
I've just gone down the exact same route.
Ring me if you want more advice.