May 99 issue of CV - Contents

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Highlights of the May 99 issue

My editorial telling people the cover price is going up to £3.55 from June; that the subs go up to £40 in July but that the Irish and European subs fall to £45, and other overseas remain unchanged.

Review of Adobe After Effects 4; Pt 1 of Tutorial of After Effects 4 (plus compo
to win a standard bundle or production bundle - one of each is available);

Reviews of:

IBM 25GB ATA33/66 drive (the test of it as ATA66 will be reported on in June)

Maxtor 22.4GB drive (which is the fastest ATA drive in the world, by my

JVC GR-9600 camcorder - DV-in and Hi-speed recording

Soundforge 4.5

Danmere Databacker - back up HDD to VHS tape

Panhandler - surround-sound plug-in for Premiere and Direct X


BFBS & Premiere - using Premiere to create a radio program!!

BAVA Man - Close up of Leandro Blanco, who is always in the top ten of the BAVA

Net Video Pt 2 - setting up and using the two marketing-lead programs

Technique - After Effects Pt1

Technique - Premiere 5 Pt 8 (the last one, thank goodness)


Sony Vaio 190 laptop with DV in/out; batch capture software; and Premiere LE

Pinnacle's miroVIDEO DV200 - non-SCSI DV in/out (but isn't THAT much cheaper
than DV300 and has Premiere LE, not full; and none of Pinnacle's three
special-effects/titling programs;

Busting the 2GB AVI limit with free-to-download software;

MGI VideoWave II adds DV editing support;

DV daughterboard for AV card arrives;

Computer Video needs deputy editor and sub-editor

Other stuff

Help on the Net - 5 pages

Help - 5 pages


FireWire 2 drivers for Mac G3 and Apple's DV I/O card resolve SCSI disk playback
problems; Digital Origin's G3 drivers improve support for Radius DV editing
software; DV-in JVC cheaper than we thought.


Bob C

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In the long term interest of trying to force down DV capture hardware prices is there any chance of an head to head review of DV200 vs. DVRaptor?

As far as I can see Pinnacle have only introduced/priced the 200 as a spoiler for Canopus.

We seem to be a long way away from agressive cut-price marketing.


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The review of Raptor will be in the June issue, but we've not yet even received a DV200.

Clearly, though, the Raptor review will mention the DV200 and point out (assuming there are no price cuts announced by that time), that the DV200 doesn't offer terribly good value for money.

What I would also add is that...

[Adds bit he forgot to put in the original!]

...the DV300 is being sold at some very keen prices in places such as Simply, and this SHOULD include the full version of Premiere 5.1 and a bunch of Pinnacle's own software, covering titling and effects (though one message on these boards suggested, as I recall, that Simply is supplying the DV300 with Prem 4.2, and no Pinnacle extras).

Bob C

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Has anyone got the May issue yet?

I've looked all over nottingham (3 different branches of WH SMiths!) and none of them have it, just the April issue.

Great mag though, love it


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Why not subscribe and the mag comes to you about one week early

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