Moving files from one XP laptop to another?

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First I made a search to see if I could find an article on this subject, but no luck. My apologies if there is one and if so could you point me to it?
I have a home wireless network running three laptops running XP. They all share the one internet connection without problem. I need to move some files from one laptop to another. I could do this by burning a CD or copying to a flash drive, but I seem to recall that I should be able to do it on the network.....but how?
Is it possible for the laptop at the top of the house to use the printer at the bottom of the house ( connected to a computer on the network) ?
Could some knowledgeable soul please explain how I should go about doing this?
I should mention that the network is encrypted with an access key required.
All the computers on the network are running Win XP Home SP2.
Many thanks

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1. yes , any pc should be able to print to a printer anywhere within system
2. good a t least we have a level playing ground
3. this is how i would do it , though maybe not the only way

a. set up a user on all pc's called elephant with password giraffe ( you decide what you want to use but all pc's need that user / password combination )
b. right click on my network places , then select the network connection , in my case wired , in yours a wifi connection.
check if file and printer sharing is installed , if not click on install and add it
then set the printer to be shared
c. then make a directory on the first pc , i usually call it storage , right click on that folder and set it to shared , using sharing and security.

now set up a similar folder on the other pc's

now you have 1_storage 2_storage and 3_storage folders on each seperate pc , all of which should be available thru 'my network places'

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