Need help quickly to sole Hard Disk Problems

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The Duke
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Hello All

I am having problems with exporting video footage to my sony D8 camcorder in the form of some stuttering during export and I was wondering if it was of the situation that I explain below.

Could the way that my hard drive a cd rom and dvd are set up affect video capture performance. i recently installed a new mother board and i noticed some changes when loading up. I used to have only udma mode listed against the hard drive now I have both udma mode and pio mode 4 listed as being in use. I have listed below how my drives are appear when booting up


32 bit mode is off
PIO mode is 4
UDMA mode is four

Secondary Master (DVD)

UDma mode states n/a
PIO mode is 4

Scondary Slave (CD ROM)
Udma states n/a
PIO Mode is 4

I don't seem to remember this configuration on my old motherboard and I have been told that UDMA mode is faster than PIO mode. It seems strange that my harddrive is using both.Can i switch off pio mode?

To confuse matters both the harddrive and dvd have DMA option enabled in windows does that mean DMA is active?

Is there a way of finding out if the motherboard is running at 33 or 66.

The mother board is a gigabyte ga-7ixe4

I know ther is a lot ther but this has been driving me crazy and I desperately need to get this resolved or my recent marriage in Mexico may turn in to a divorce if I can't get this footage edited (ha Ha)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The Duke