New drives

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Have a look at these;
Bigger drives arriving very soon.
Will these drives become the norm in a few months to a year?



Alan Roberts
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At 64GB it's a bit small, when they get up to 500GB at a sensible price, we'll see :)

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64GB , install the operating system , make sure swap files are on a traditional drive , and , fast boot comes to mind.

I have a laptop with a 2GB drive ....... very fast boot , runs for a long time on the battery , and one less spinning device.

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Gavin Gration
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This is how the 16GB modules run under XPPro:-

The dip is possibly the swap file - config is XPPro SP3 on 4GB SSD boot, Swapfile, apps and data on 16GB SSD.

I would hope that the bigger units with SATA will do a lot better - especially on a machine with more grunt.

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just wondering what the current opinion with ssd is.

I'm getting ready to move to vista64 again now the proper matrox drivers are ready for cs4. During this I was thinking of changing the system drive to a solid state drive. Either 128 or 250 gig depending on the budget.

I've heard they are very good as systems drives in terms of boot speed and launching/ installling apps. In terms of raw data throughout a decent (and larger) sata II drive seems to be the best option.

Is anyone else using a solid state drive as a system drive and do they think it's worth it?

Thanks, M.

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