New one-click precision chromakey software

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Hadfield, 30th August 2011 - High precision plug-in from ISP brings fast and accurate professional chromakeying to EDIUS, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro editors.

The new Robuskey tool can create astonishingly accurate mattes with a single click on the subject. The software identifies human skin and hair and even beautifully cuts out translucent materials like lace and glass. It delivers professional results with unheard of speed.

Robuskey utilizes advanced proprietary algorithms to counter issues that have plagued green screen productions for years, such as wrinkled cloth or poorly lit backdrops. While skilled chromakeyers have typically been able to overcome these issues, it has usually been a manual process requiring considerable time to create a suitable backdrop.

The plug-in can be used either in the production studio for live keying or in the edit suite. It supports resolutions over 4K as well as NVIDIA CUDA GPU acceleration with Windows After Effecs CS4/CS5 and EDIUS 6. After Effects users will also benefit from the Zakkuri-Mask feature that makes time saving garbage-masks automatically.

A spokesperson from distributor Holdan said: “It is quite startling what this tool can achieve. Masks can be created with a single click that are incredibly accurate. Not only will this save huge amount of time but it will without doubt encourage producers to experiment without worrying about the complexity of matting.”

Robuskey is available via the Holdan website now, with a 30 day free trial available. Visit for more details.