Panasonic DVD recorder U80 error message.

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Stephen Carter
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I have a DMR-ES20D DVD recorder. After it has been on for a while I get an error message saying U80 and everything is locked up. It all comes right if I power down and power up again. Any clues?


Stephen Carter

Dave R Smith
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This link is a useful reference for dvd recorders and compatibility issues.

Unfortunatley, no light thrown on your problem.

Stephen Carter
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Thanks Dave,

Stephen Carter

Gavin Gration
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My E30 did a similar trrick - rejecting DVD-RAM discs with an error code and goodbye!

Try this:-

Turn off at mains.

Leave for a minute of two.

Turn on at mains.

Clean Laser (ASDA etc sell cleaning discs).


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Hi all.
My Panny E60s been acting up and not recording some programmes - just going dead. Was going to post but Gavin, I think you may have a solution for me. I wasn't aware that you could clean the laser. I'll try ASDA. Thanks.


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Hi Stephen, I have the same player and am getting the same error code. I contacted panny customer care and got this response:


Thank you for your email enquiry.

Following a change made to the Digital Terrestrial Broadcast (Freeview) we have become aware that some difficulties have arisen for owners of the certain models. Please note that the broadcast change ONLY affects transmitters in Scotland. All current models in the range are not affected.
During use of the product you will be prompted by an on screen message that "new services are available’. When confirming that you wish to update, these models will perform a re-scan. During this process the product will lock up "freeze", and the U80 error message is displayed.
If this happens please follow these steps;
Once DVD Recorder locks up.
1) Do not perform Shipping Conditions or service list is lost.
2) Reset the STB by removing the mains power cord and re-connect to mains.
3) The original service list will still be present.
4) Turn off New Service Message
a) Press Functions Key
b) Select To Others Menu
c) Select Display Menu
d) New Service Message = OFF
If you continue to experience difficulties please contact our Customer Care Centre on 08705 357357, or contact us by email at

I trust that this information has been of assistance to you. However, of course, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 08705 357357 , by fax on 01344 853213 or at and we will endeavour to assist.

Customer Support

No word on a long term solution!

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Phew that was hard work registering for some reason.

Right the lowdown on the U80, I'm not a real techy but basically this message can mean a few things, however if you are in Scotland and just had this message occur fairly recently then its a good bet the reason is that an extra channel has been found on MUX A (i think) and the machine can only handle 30.

Panasonic told me this was going to be rectified in the last couple of days but it hasn't, so spoke with them again today and they are working on a fix apparently, if you call them they can either take your email addy and send you the stuff thats required so you can burn it onto a disc and do the update or you can pass them you address so they can post a copy out, I just asked for them to post mine and the machine doesnt get used much now have a twin tuner PVR.

They said should receive it next week sometime.

Call this number - 01344 862 444

Will save you paying more for the 0870 and ask for customer services and tell them its a DVD recorder and then its option 1 to get through to speak with someone who is aware of the problem

Hope this helps someone.

Stephen Carter
Joined: Nov 18 1999

Well that certainly seems to have done the trick. Presumeably you can't get more than 30 channels on board unless they come up with a fix. Thanks guys.

Stephen Carter