Pentium 166 and big drives

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I havea 166 Pentium. I would like to add another hard disk - a 17 Gig Maxtor. I know the Bios may have to be updated, but will the CPU recognise more than 8 Gigs? I have a Miro DC 30 card, two Hard Drives (5 + 7 Gig Maxtors), and two CD ROMs., one of which is a CD writer).


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This is not a processor issue, it's the motherboard's bios and the operating system.

So if you update the bios AND have, say, Win98 or Win95 OSR/2, then there should be no problem, irrespective of what the processor is.

Bob C

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It will work or, rather, it can be made to work. Your motherboard's BIOS might only recognise the drive as 2GB, but, in the case of Maxtor, I can confirm that installation of the MaxBlast software (which is a BIOS extension) will let you access the full capacity with FAT32 and probably NTFS.

Check Maxtor's website for more info.