Photoshop CS2 colo(u)r settings.

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Dave R Smith
Joined: May 10 2005

If I set the swatch colour to blue ( r 0 g 0 b 255) it appears purple and has done for a long time probably since thelast version update.
Other software (stills or video) don't suffer - so it's not the monitor setting.

Ditto for a test image of pure blue - it appears purple.

If I choose edit/assign profile, avtivate profile radio button and choose 'Phillips 18" LCD monitor' (it's actually a 19" phillips monitor * 2), my test bmp file of pure blue, looks right - blue not purple.

But this is only a document level setting, I think I need to edit 'Color settings' with it's many sub options.
It currently shows 'North America General Purpose 2' and randomly picking other choices, I can't find any to cure.

Can anyone help please - there must be a methodical approach to this.