Pixma ICM profiles for glossy DVDs

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Mark M
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I am having trouble colour matching with my Pixma ip4500. Has anyone got an ICM/ICC profile for the Canon Pixmas for printing on Tayo Yuden Watershields? Or indeed any other tips for accurate colour reproduction! My monitor is calbrated, and I get good matching results to the Epson R220 but the Pixma is always too orange, and the blacks are seldom really black. Have happily ignored this for some time, but am doing a job where matching inset and disc are crucial to its success.



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I'm in the same boat as Mark, having replaced an ageing Epson R200 with a Pixma. Various reviews suggested the Canons were the best thing since sliced bread and a lot quicker than the Epsons but I have found that by the time you change the settings to give something approaching the same quality as the Epson the print times are almost the same. I will be printing Yudens this weekend and I will make a note of what has worked best for me but to date the Canon's dvd printing quality isn't close to the Epson.

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Alas my attempts to get decent prints from my Canon ip4700 wasted a lot of paper and discs. I had only just bought it so I took it back to Comet and asked for an alternative machine (the Canon was also scuffing the gloss off the discs too).
I came away with a HP all singing-all dancing machine (it's a fax and it's wireless too - two features I'm very unlikely to use) and I have to say it prints the discs and the inkjet paper better than the Canon, though it also leave scuff lines on the glossy discs. The HP disc printing software also appears to have been devised by a retired Nazi torturer, at least until you get the hang of it.
But my shop visit did seem to flag up that disc printing slots are vanishing from current printers.

Alan Roberts
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That's odd. I have an iP4200, and can happily print photos onto ordinary white-face disks, no problem. And I didn't go through any setting up procedure.

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I suspect both the HP and the previous ip4700 will print scuff-free on ordinary white discs but like Mark I struggled to get true black with the Canon.
Interestingly the HP autodetects the paper type and certainly made a nice job printing on some spare epson inkjet quality paper.
I will email HP regarding the scuffing on the yuden discs because I'm a big fan of these discs and so are my customers. I'm hoping the scuff lines are a sign of new-ness and reduce or vanish with time. The HP is also the only machine I've come across with a slot to house the disc tray when it's not required.

Tony Carter
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John, My Epson PX710W has the cd tray built in and is activated via a specific button on the front of the printer (which is conveniently labelled ' cd tray ' )