PSME Radio mic licenses - the end put off for a while, continue as normal until told...

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Not sure who gets JFMG updates - but users of the TV channels in the 550-600MHz band can carry on using it as the sell off has been postponed.
16/3/12 - Update on spectrum access to 550-606 MHz

Use of the 600 MHz band was due to finish at the end of 2012 for PMSE because of the planned auction of the band. Following recent international developments relating to the possible future use of spectrum that neighbours with the 600 MHz band, Ofcom will not be proceeding with this auction for the time being.
Therefore, in the absence of a 2012 award, Ofcom has decided that PMSE can continue using the spectrum until it is released for an alternative use. Consequently, access to the band 550 – 606 MHz for PMSE will continue until at least 1st April 2013 and might carry on beyond that time subject to Ofcom’s conclusions about the approach to releasing this band.
JFMG will continue to issue 12-month licences but with a condition allowing for revocation with a minimum of six months’ notice.