Quantum Fireball Plus KA

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I currently have a Maxtrox Rainbow Runner and a Quantum Fireball EL 5.1 gig. I use the EL to store Windows 98, etc. and am thinking about buying a 13.2 gig Quantum Fireball Plus KA.

I looked at the Quantum website, and at the specifications of the KA and EL, and I noticed that the EL has an A/V rating but the KA does not.

How much is the A/V rating worth? The KA's transfer rate and average seek time are the same if not better than the EL's - is the A/V rating to do with the drive's thermal recalibration?

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I've no idea why they give one an AV rating and not the other, but it's nothing to do with thermal calibration and it's very unlikely, I'd guess, to be of any significance.

All modern ATA drives are fast enough for most AV work, expect, perhaps, uncompressed raw video - and I'll guarantee that even the AV rated drive isn't fast enough for that.

Bob C

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I use one with no problems at all. Using the benchmark software supplied on this site it gives better sustained through put than my U2 SCSI Quantum ATLAS IV!