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I have been buying CV since it's release and I have to say It's my most dedicated read since Marvel Comics. However my stack of copies is starting it get quite big, and the other day I wanted to check something in a review I'd read, but which issue was it, ahh...

My suggestion is a review index saying what has been reviewed in previous issue and which issue it was in. I've seen it used in some other publications and I think it's very useful, what do you think?

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I think it is an excellent Idea, might make sense to put something like that up here on the CV site.
John Ferrick

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The index of issues has been on the web site for about four or five months. It is at:

However, it only runs up to Oct 98, and the person who recently updated it then threw away (or left on the Mac desktop for someone else to throw away) the updated version.

That was three days' work down the toilet.

Bob C