Run out of IDE channels

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I have run out of IDE channels with 2x HDD, ZIP and CD-burner. I've decided against caddies for the time being but would like to add another HDD and DVD-ROM. If I invest in a Promise controller card can I double the number of IDE channels or is SCSI really calling me ?

I look forwards to any advise or suggestions, thank you


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As I understand it, a Promise Fasttrack card will give you 4 more IDE channels, occupying one PCI slot. If you've got 2 spare PCI slots, you could do it twice and have 8 more IDE channels. That should be enough

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I have exactly the same problem and have just ordered a promise udma66 card which gives 2 more EIDE connectors each of which is capable of running 2 devices (4 in all).

However - do be aware that you will need a free IRQ for each of the two channels - so if you have lots of things in your PC already - then you might need to cut back on any unused bits - like disabling an unused com port etc. Check in control panel/system properties before you order one!

One additional benefit you should get with the promise card is that whilst the disk performance is likely to be the same as if the drives were on you motherboard - the processor utilisation is about 30% less - so in effect you are boosting the usable processing power you will get from your CPU.

I can't remember where I got this info from - a web hardware site had benchmarked it - and this finally persuaded me to buy it - it should arrive with my new 25GB drive in the next day or so - so hopefully I'll have it up & running at the weekend.