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I've just switched to editing DV on my new Mac G5, using a Canopus ADVC-100 capture unit to transfer analog footage into Premiere with the aim of making DVDs.

I've noticed that the default sample rate from the Canopus is 48K whereas all the backing track audio I'm adding in the computer is sampled at CD rate - 44.1k.

Is that something that will be resolved by Premiere without any action on my part, or do I need to switch some settings?

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Premiere will handle it but the conversion from 44.1kHz to 48kHz will add a little bit to the render time.

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(Let me start by saying I use FCP not Premiere, but I think this still applies in general.)

I would recommend using Quicktime Pro to resample any non-48kHz audio files to 48kHz BEFORE importing them - avoiding huges amount of time audio rendering of the timeline.

(BTW: with a G5, you really, really, REALLY, REALLY ought to be considering FCP.)

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