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hi all,

i have a dvd which someone has given me to try and rip and re-burn as the original is scratched and won't play.

anyway i have managed, using macthripper, to extract the .vob files. but the overall size
comes in at 6.5gb...

how do i now burn that to a dvd-r......the original looks to be on a dvd-r so i don't understand why the ripped .vob files are so big??

i presumed i would rip the .vob, and then using Burn, make the dvd.

Any ideas of how i can compress to fit onto the dvd.

using mac by the way.


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With a PC it's easy - and free! - with DVD Shrink.

The Mac 'equivalent' is, sadly, not free :(

I suppose would be possible to run DVD Shrink on a Mac, with something like this although, not being a Mac person, I have no idea how (or if) it works!!

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Hi Paul you just need a dual layer DVD that will hold 8.5gb!

I had this with the FCP training DVD I did for another forumite and once I had the dual layer DVD it did it OK.

I got these ones from e-bay:

I am also on a mac.