Speed of transferring USB 2 data

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Hi All,

First posting on the forum...so please be gentle with me!

I have just built myself a new system which is far more powerful in every way than my previous setup. My problem is this. The new system does not transfer data via USB2 as quickly as the old setup. In comparison, a file of just under 900Mb takes 6 mins to transfer on the old system, over 9 mins on the new system. It was taking far longer but I changed a jumper setting on the mobo (Think usb ports were running at usb1 speed!)

Also, I have set up 2 WD Raptor 10,000 SATA drivers on a RAID 0 to try and improve performace a little when reading/writing data. I also have a WD Cavier SATA. The data transfers to the Raid config. in the same time as it does to the stand alone Cavier drive. Should I be seeing an improvment here? Is there any way to check the Raid drive performance is correct?

Thanks in advance for any help.


New System Spec:

Intel Pentium 4 630 3Ghz
ABIT AL8 775
1Gb OCZ DDR2 PC2-5400 677Mhz Gold Dual Channel (2x512)
Powercolor X550 Bravo 256 GDDR2 128bit PCIe x16
Hiper 580w PSU
2 x WD Raptor SATA 10,000 36.7Gb in Raid 0
1 x WD Cavier SATA 7200 80Gb
Win XP

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surprised that you are tranferring over usb 2?

I connect my camera to the Pc via a firewire cable and it takes one hour to capture a one hour video., and the same in the other direction. Never had any problems.

Just as a matter of interest do newer consumer cameras not have Firewire ports?

David L Lewis

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Hi Justin,

I guess you are talking about from an external USB2 drive to your PC?

You might find it is down to the USB bridge chips used. I have found wildly differing speeds on USB2 depending on what USB bridge chips are used. That is in the PC and in the external drive casing. As you haven't changed your external drive I would guess that the USB bridge chip used on your new pc isn't as good or there is a compatibility problem between the 2 devices.

Often M$'s own drivers supplied with XP are not as good as the ones you can download from the manufactures website. Although that isn't always the case.

Did you use the drivers supplied with the MB or use XP's built in ones?

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Sorry guys, completely forgot to give camera details!

This transfer relates to a Digital Camcorder not tape based, files are MPEG and are therefore transferred as data. The camera has a usb 2 socket.

I have also transferred from the DV camera and as you have said, this is done real time.


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1. raid 0 ..... don't do it..... have a look at a few of my recent posts.

raid comes into it's own only when multi track playback effects push drives to their limits.

modern ata 133 and sata appear to be more than fast enough for most things.

2. type 'usb2' and 'windows xp' into google and follow a few hints for improving usb2 performance.
much can definitely be down to chipset used on motherboard/addon card.

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harlequin wrote:
2. type 'usb2' and 'windows xp' into google and follow a few hints for improving usb2 performance.

Many thanks for the advice. Looked on MS site and also done a bit of searching around. general feeling about USB2 seemed to be that XP SP 2 caused certain problems? So I even tried removing that and running with SP1 which at the time seemed to make no difference.